I can’t count or set a single amount to do everyday with kanji.  I just CAN’T.  My daily life is just too random.  That’s why, as I’ve been experimenting with Timeboxing, I’ve discovered how satisfying post-it notes can be.

I’ve decided to continue witht the Lumping It theme, but I’ve made a few changes.  Whenever I have spare time and am about to start surfing that big black hole that threatens devour the rest of our lives as we know them (the Internet), I start doing Kanji.  Ahhh, this is where I’m like “okay, must do 50 kanji right now.”  WRONG!

Not doing that anymore.  I have a handy dandy desktop timer on my computer which I set to like 10 or 15.  Actually, it works if I timebox between two different things.  I’ll timebox 10 minutes for surfing the internet randomly, and then i’ll timebox 15 minutes for studying (yeah, I totally got a huuuuuuge paper done for school that I had procrastinated on that way).  Often times though, I timebox using post-it notes.  I do kanji in columns on a post-it note until it’s filled up, and then I post it on the other side of my laptop (to be a nerd and show off in front of my friends at lunch).  After that, it’s freetime for like 15 minutes.  Also, if I do this whenever I have sparetime during the day, I can get a lot done.


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