I’ve been persecuted…

Yea, as if that wasn’t the most emo thing I’ve ever said…No, but, seriously, I found myself in an interesting situation today.  My friend, who actually got me into Japanese culture in the first place, has never really learned Japanese.  He’s always been kind of interested I suppose, but he’s nowhere near the obsessive level of interest that I’m at…in fact, i’ve never really confessed until now, lol…

So, today he, another friend, and I were watching some J-horror flicks (in Japanese, thank God) and after I was like, wow it would be fun if you learned at least hiragana or something.  And he’s like, oh, well yeah, I think I’ll do that.  Now I have it all set up and he’s gonna do the flashcard thing and all.  But anyways, then he’s like, wow I wonder what colleges in this part of the state offer Japanese.  And I was like, you wanna learn JAPANESE!  That’s awesome.  Then I proceeded to tell him about AJATT and my method and all.  So he goes to the site and reads the intro.  He thought Khatz was pathetic and the whole thing was nerdy and pathetic.  Which is okay I suppose, since he only gave it a quick glance.  But still, then he’s like, hmm, I wonder how much Rosetta Stone costs–I really want to take a class.  

OMGosh!  If he only would only give AJATT a chance.  Anyways, I guess it just goes to show how people are willing to spend money and work on language for like an hour everyday and expect to learn it, but, the second they actually have to change their lives, they decide not to do it.  Wow, this would be so embarrassing if he ever read this, lol…

Oh well, it’s about 1 am as I write this and I have to get up in a few hours, so I’m done now…Nighty night…

Oh wait.  I forgot.  I just wanted to tell you that I’m to the point in my immersion environment where I get kind of uncomfortable when I’m not in my immersion environment.  English is starting to make me uncomfortable…Maybe that’s good?…


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