Lump it

Wow, I totally mentioned the whole “lumping it” theme in a past post and never explained it.  Well, my first explanation from when I first concocted the idea (really though, I was just being stupid at like 2 am, lol…) can be found here.

I’ve decided to no longer do a set number of new kanji everyday.  Okay, maybe I’ll do like a minimum of 5 per day, but you know what I mean.  I’m no longer set on doing 30 per day or anything.  I’ve decided that I’ll just do like 50, 74, or 100 kanji once or twice a week when I have nothing else to do, and the rest of the days just do like 5 or 10 new kanji and all my reviews.  This way, I get a lot done without the burden of doing a set number everday.  It’s like instant gratification at its finest: less work, big pay off.


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