It’s here!  Christmas has finally arrived!

Not quite…But my kanjiposter is finally here!  That was like the coolest surprise ever; walk in the door and–Presto!  KANJIPOSTER!  Yes!  I’m soooo excited!


So far undefiled...

So far undefiled...

I’ve been waiting for-like-ever (a week is a long time, silly…).  The packaging even had “Thank you” handrwritten in Japanese on it.  OMGosh.  That’s so awesome.  It makes me want to buy like twenty-eight more posters from these people.  They rox my furry pink sox…(jk, that was creepy…)

I’ve also started marking the Kanji off in dry erase marker as I go along.  I’ll take pictures periodically to update you on my progress.  The first example is below  (okay, you’re probably thinking I did those all today after I got my poster, right?  Well, I would have, but there is some limit to my excitement.  I’ve just marked my progress up until today.)  

Notice that, on the side, I have my post-it notes.  Since they were starting to clutter up the other side of my laptop, I’ve started to post them on my wall.  Yea!  Another way to log my progress.  Holy shmoot, the walls are gonna be plastered when I’m done…


Progress Update

Progress Update

PS.  I SUCK at photography.


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