Just Chillin’ (with Densha)

As I approach the 400 mark with heisig, I’m starting to have a bit of trouble.  I’ve suddenly started failing lots of newer cards, and whether it’s due to weak stories or something else I’m not sure.  I’ve decided to take a break on adding new cards for a few days until I get everything straight.  This kind of sucks because everytime I watch an anime or see something in Japanese I’m like, “Man!  I could so be finished in like a month or two and start sentence-mining this stuff!”  It’s especially discouraging as I see all these other people power through heisig in like 2-3 months.  Oh well, I’d rather finish strong that have a bunch of shaky stories in my head once I start sentences.  

Also, random discovery that I’d like to share with you.  I just discovered J-dramas.  OMFlippingGosh.  They are sooooo amazing.  I’m watching Densha Otoko, and it has taken over my life.  It is sooooo amazing.  I could actually write pages and pages as to why it’s soo amazing, but I don’t want your IQ to take a dip… Anyways, this could be kind of detrimental to my kanji progress and my schoolwork (I have A LOT of big projects and things that I’m neglecting right now…).  Okay, I have to go watch Densha now.  Bye.  You MUST go watch it too.  It’s not even an option.  You have to do it.  Just go.  Densha Otoko.  Right now.


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    Con-Con said,

    Oh, Dorama’s! They take over your life! I’ve never watched でんしゃ 男 but i’ve watched enoguh doramas to know how they go. Have you watched Bloody Monday, yet? Its one of the shows of the season. Discover crunchyroll.com and your life will change forever.

    So dramatic.. Lol. Its true! XD I can say my friends went down because of that website..

  2. 2

    igordesu said,

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve poked around crunchyroll.com, but I haven’t used it that much yet since I’m still in my “densha” obsession phase and I’m holding a grudge that they don’t have the movie version…so I’ll have a look at that site later. I’l definitely try bloody monday. Thanks!

  3. 3

    2nihon said,

    Densha Otoko=win. Ito Atsushi (who plays Densha) is in a new medical dorama called Team Batista no Eiko. It’s a good show, but I’m really squeamish about blood and guts, so I can’t watch medical shows. 🙂

    A few other suggestions once you’re done with Densha: Odoru Daisousasen is a good police dorama with some good action and lots of comedic moments.

    I enjoyed Zettai Kareshi (Ideal Boyfriend), a romantic comedy with some sci-fi elements (having a cyborg as one of the main characters kinda guarantees that…)

    If you’re interested in more otaku, Akihabara@Deepwas recommended to me. I didn’t care for it, but YMMV.

    Abe Hiroshi is my favorite actor after watching him in At Home Dad and Kekkon Dekinai Otoko (The Man Who Can’t Get Married). Both were hilarious, IMO.

    Movies: I just enjoyed Bubble Fiction: Boom or Bust, a comedy about a daughter who is sent back in time in a modified washing machine–no, really–to save her mother. I watched it without subtitles and still enjoyed it.

    Switching: Goodbye Me is also really good. A bit risque in some parts, but the scenery is amazing. There are some comedic moments, but it’s actually a heartfelt drama that I am really enjoying.

    Well, that’s probably enough home’work’ for now. 😉

  4. 4

    igordesu said,

    Wow. Thankyou so much for your recommendations! BTW, I’m no longer holding a grudge against crunchyroll; I have no desire to see the movie version for several reasons, lol…That’s funny though that you mention Zettai Kareshi because I watched that on TV when I was at my host family’s house. It was actually pretty good, even though I didn’t understand most of it. Looks like I was just *destined* to watch that show…Oh yeah, and is it me, or is the guy from Zettai Kareshi Hermes’ brother in Densha Otoko? Anyways, I’ll definitely check these out. Thanks!

  5. 5

    2nihon said,

    BTW, this is Stephen…I changed blogs. Not sure if I made that clear. 🙂

    Yep, you’re right about the actor…Hayami Mokomichi is in both. Good catch there.

    I’ve been looking at current series. Just downloaded the first ep of Bloody Monday and am enjoying it immensely. Hacker kid goes up against a terrorist organization, and it actually seems fairly plausible. (I haven’t rolled my eyes yet.)

    I watch everything raw now. It’s frustrating sometimes not knowing exactly what’s going on, but I do enjoy picking up the words I do know, and I do pick up a word here and there. Sometimes I will pause it and ‘read’ the onscreen text using the kanji I know (plus hiragana/katakana). It’s fun to be able to start decoding these mysterious scribblings… 🙂

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