Mikkusu itto appu!

Oh my gosh, I haven’t posted in too long.  On ANY of my blogs.  Ummm…yeah, so this is going to be sort of a random update.

Hmmm, first of all, I’d like to say that today was the first day that tea was actually DELICIOUS for me.  No.  I’m not talking good.  No.  I’m talking flipping Delicioso, Dora style, folks.  Don’t know if I shared with you before how I first started liking tea, but this is a good place to start, so here goes.  To make a long story long, I pretty much always hated tea.  It tasted like watery grass (I’m talking about the kind that grows on the normal person’s front lawn, mind you).  Gross.  Then, I went to Japan in June for 16 days, and I had the opportunity to sit through a traditional, Japanese Tea Ceremony.  I don’t know what it was.  Maybe it was the combination of my highly emotional state from being on such an awesome trip and the fact that I couldn’t feel my legs, but I actually like the tea.  I was like, “hey, that’s a surprise.”  After that, I liked tea.  Leave it to the Japanese to invent the type of tea that I actually like.  Since then, I’ve drank tea since it’s the Japanese way of doing things and it’s good for you, and I’ve drank it with little difficulty since I now like it.  HOWEVER, today was the first day where I took a sip and was like, “OMDELICIOUS.”  It was so amazing.  It was the best thing I’ve ever tasted.  It was…heavenly…(I just hope nobody laced it with cocaine or LSD or something, that would suck…

On to Kanji.  I’ve just passed the 463 threshold.  Kind of a random number.  But I just have this really huge, specific feeling of pride for this number.  I don’t know why.  Anyways, I spent like 6.5 hours at the library today working on a research project, and I’m sure there are plenty more of those days coming up with all 5 billion of my final projects and all, so I don’t think I’ll really get A LOT done until winter break.  Still, this kind of sucks.  Everywhere I go, I hear about people doing “sentences” and other stuff now that they’ve finished kanji.  I am jealous.  I am coveting your skills.  Yes, that probably constitutes breaking one of the ten commandments.  That sucks.  But I’m still jealous.  Dang.


the post-its are spreading like the plague

the post-its are spreading like the plague



BTW, just installed keyholetv on my computer.  The guy at that link gives an excellent explanation and a link to where you can download it.  Guess what?  You’re getting it.  Seriously, it takes up almost no space on my computer, and I had it up and running in less than 1 minute.  Do it.  I’m telling you this now because I was wondering if it was a scam or dangerous for a while so I was afraid to do it.  But I did, and it’s great, so now you can do it with no worries. In fact, you WILL do it with no worries. Basically, they have a whole bunch of Japanese TV stations that you can watch for free in realtime on your computer.  The best part is, it’s not complicated.  It’s free.  It’s awesome.  You’re getting it.  I’ll admit, the audio and video quality isn’t like HD or anything (far from it), but it’s DEFINITELY worth it.  It’s cool for so many reasons, I can’t even tell you.  First, I don’t have to listen to the same stuff that I have on my computer or anything over and over.  Second, it provides an abundance of varied authentic material.  They have terebi Asahi, nihon terebi, fuji terebi, terebi tokyo, some stuff from osaka, and a plethora of others.  My current personal fav is terebi asahi because a) I could read the kanji right away and knew what it meant, so I was proud of myself, b) they usually have interesting stuff on, c)they always have a large number of viewers, meaning something popular is on (like maybe anime or a dorama, though I have yet to see that).  Do it.  NOW.  Oh yeah, did I mention?  You’re getting it.  

Ummm, I think I told you already about my Densha Otoko obsession.  I’m finally over the depression that comes with the end of the series.  Currently, I don’t get to watch many series because of end-of-semester-madness, but I’m attempting to…

I also found some more really cool Japanese music.  A little musical background on me.  I like Christian music.  I especially like the Christian ska bad, the O.C. Supertones.  They’re amazing, go check them out whenever you decide to cheat yourself out of immersion environment time.  But, since I’m only listening to Japanese music, I’ve been feeling…empty.  HAH!  Now I’ve finally found good J-Ska.  The bet part is, they have a female lead singer.  The music is amazing, and the female singer just tops it off (cuz everybody knows girl voices are way cooler than guy voices).  They’re called, the SHAKALABBITS.  Go get ’em.  They’re pretty awesome.  


Go get this.  You'll like EVERY song.

Go get this. You

Anyways, that’s about it.  I know there’s something else I’m supposed to be telling you, but I can’t remember, so…I’m gonna go.  TTYL.

Just kidding.  I found this when I was digging through my camera.  Doesn’t it make you wanna jump in it!?!?!


So fluffy...

So fluffy...


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  1. 1

    stshores24 said,

    I run into the intimidation/jealousy thing a lot myself. I NEVER thought I would be done with RTK. I mean, it’s taken me six freakin’ months of my time, during which I asked myself daily, ‘is this worth it? am I really learning Japanese?’ But I remind myself that the method works, and that I’m going for fluency, far beyond ‘doh-moe ah-ree-gah-toe’ or whatever people might manage to pick up in classes. While it might seem like a slow approach now, in the end it will pay off.

    I do have a Shakalabbits album from Jpopsuki, but I’m not much of a ska fan, so I don’t listen to it. My latest favorite band is Anatakikou.

  2. 2

    igordesu said,

    Awww…thanks for the encouragement. Really, thank you. Currently, I’m harnessing a little extra energy/motivation that I’ve been having and I’m getting lots of kanji done. Yea, I can’t wait. Oh yeah, and I’ll have to check out anatakikou. I saw that video you posted, it sounds pretty cool.

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