Still Chillin’ (but with Yankumi!)

BOOYAH!  fa;osdkjf;dlsjfhl3kewjnrf,.dzmnvx.,mcxn





Okay, you see that?  Multiply that by 566, and you’ve got how excited I am.  Yeah, that’s right.  Oh, but why that number, you ask?


566 kanji

566 kanji

Because that’s how many Kanji I’ve finally been able to mark off on my kanji poster.  566 = number of Kanji in “the system” = I’m hyperventilating…

I’m pretty excited.  I’ve just harnessed a bit of motivation I’ve had recently and got a bunch of Kanji done.  I also have a new system that I use to add Kanji to my SRS which allows me to get more Kanji done per day.  

Also, I’ve embraced high failure rates in my SRS.  I’m not a baby about it anymore.  It only means that I’m reviewing the difficult ones more often and getting more practice.  This way I’m not cheating the SRS, only the Kanji which I’m honestly good at reach the last stage in my SRS, I feel better, and, just trust me, it’s better this way.  But don’t worry–I still have a great remembering rate for Kanji that have been in the system a while.  

I’ve also ditched the post-it notes.  It’s sad, I know.  But we all go through our phases.  I made the decision when I was looking over my handwriting in English.  It’s horrid, and it always has been.  Even if I wanted to change it now, it would be a long, drawn-out, difficult, and painstaking process since I’ve got those patterns ingrained into my mind.  It’s kind of depressing, and I wish could have a second chance at developing my handwriting nicely.  That’s when I realized that I do have a second chance.  I’m still at the point with Japanese where I’m learning to write.  I can change my handwriting and develop it for the better.  I no longer have to be envious of all the girls’ awesome girly handwriting.  Then I looked at the post-it notes, realized the unorganized, unruly environment that they promoted, and decided that they had to go.  I got myself some awesome .5 mechanical pencils and a graph paper notebook, and presto, my handwriting is already magically improving.  


Maybe I can tape the pages to the wall instead of post-its...

Maybe I can tape the pages to the wall instead of post-its...

Oh yeah, and the little extra-dark spots are the places where I screwed up…  You know what else sucks?  The first page, after I filled in like 8 lines of Kanji, started to tear out of the notebook.  And now it’s completely gone.  Snaps.  Now I had to start a new page.  Grrrr…

Finally, I have at last fully recuperated from my Densha Otoko phase and moved onto Gokusen.  It’s pretty awesome.  I LOVE the main character, yankumi.  I guess she’s in like 500 other TV dramas in Japan, too, including Trick.  I’ll have to check that out… I’m kind of worried actually.  Since I’ve started J-dramas, I’ve sort of given up Anime (in fact, I’m neglecting Bleach–the favoritest bestest anime ever…).  I hope I can go back if I ever feel like it.  Oh well, maybe I’ve just evolved into  a completely different yet awesome Pokemon.  Who knows?…


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  1. 1

    stshores24 said,

    Haha, congrats! The 500 mark is great. Be sure to check in on the appropriate RevTK thread, if you haven’t yet (‘500 and counting, ROAR!!!’)

    I watched a few eps of Gokusen and even downloaded seasons 2 and 3, but didn’t bother watching them. It’s good for some laughs, but a little too formulaic for me. Apparently 2 and 3 aren’t worth watching. If you get bored, be sure to catch Zettai Kareshi. ^-^

  2. 2

    igordesu said,

    Yeah, it was torture watching the first episode of season 2 today. OMGosh. You have no idea. The second season (from what I’ve seen) sucks so bad…it’s depressing, really. Oh well. (gasps!) That’s right! I forgot about zettai kareshi! I’m gonna go watch that and then the death note movie for the millionth time…

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