The Adventures of Mr. B

So, I don’t really know if this is relavent to this blog, but I don’t really care.  I was recently in going through RTK, I went through the “pinnacle” primitive section (somewhere around 1280-1320-ish).  Wow.  I couldn’t think of anything to do with the primitive (it looks like the letter B).  Then I remember how someone said they had changed the meaning of the primitive to the name of a person called “B” and made a bunch of stories off of that.  

Well, unfortunately, I found out that this person was also one of those people who start making stories off of a primitive and then abandon you like 4 kanji in with no more stories.  That’s why I decided to make my own stories with this “B” person.  

Yeah, this “B” person developed his own personality really, really fast.  The stories ended up being about his adventures as a recovering “pagan.”  Instead of a recovering alcoholic, he’s a recovering pagan who has occasional relapses.  

I’ll warn you, I have a really weird (and sometimes dry) sense of humor.  So these stories may not be very funny for you.  But I had A LOT of fun making these stories (they were more fun than the Mr. T kanji<—–and that says A LOT if you’ve ever spent any time reading through stories on the Reviewing the Kanji site…).  Anyways, I thought you might enjoy some of these stories, so here they are for your reading pleasure (the format will be “kanji-keyword-story”):

note: I’m sorry that this is so long.  But whatev.

際-occasion-B is a recovering “pagan” attending pagans-anonymous meetings. He tries his best, but on occasion, he’ll fall back to his old ways and perform a ritual or two in his basement…

障-hinder-B got a badge from the police because he used his inside info and hindered the plot of a few local pagans who wanted to perform weird rituals with the local cats.

陪-auxiliary-So, in place of doing weird rituals (cause that’s bad for a recovering pagan, you know), B has been trying to create a time-machine. He has to wear a muzzle when rerouting the auxiliary power to the “flux capacitor” in case he gets zapped.

陽-sunshine-B (the recovering “pagan”) has been keeping sunshine in his piggy bank. Well, what did you expect? Money? That’s too dangerous! He would just go and spend it on pagan paraphernalia and books! No, sunshine is much better.

陳-line up-B has had a relapse to his old “pagan ways”. He lines up facing the east to “meditate” (or whatever else). Or, perhaps, B can’t resist a new exhibit at the pagan museum, so he lines up at the east entrance early in the morning. Whichever.

防-ward off-Though he has supposedly thrown away his old ways, B still tries to ward off evil spirits when he travels by keeping the directions hidden and bound up underneath his top hat.

附-affixed-B (again, the recovering “pagan”) has affixed a set of rules and reminders for himself on the walls all around his house so that he adheres to the rules of his newfound faith and doesn’t fall back into his pagan ways.

院-Inst. (as in, Institution)-B has joined the perfect new institution for recovering pagans. Or, for those of you who used the “family/household perfect in the beginning” story for the other primitive, B has found the perfect new institution for a recovering pagan in the support of his family.

陣-camp-B goes camping with some buddies, but it turns out that they’re really pagans (not a really good environment for a recovering pagan, you know?). They start doing weird pagan stuff, so B is forced to sleep in his car so that he resists temptation.

隊-regiment-B decides to join the army in an attempt to introduce some discipline to his life. However, when he finds members of his regiment sacrificing horned sows in the middle of the night for good luck before a battle, he has to desert the army to keep his morals.

墜-crash-(continued from previous frame) B’s attempt to flee the pagan regiment is thwarted when the pagan horned sow god (who is already angry at B for renouncing his pagan ways) sends lightning and the plane on which B is escaping crashes to the ground.

階-story (as in floor of a building)-As part of his pagan-rehabilitation program, B has to do janitorial work. He has to clean all the rooms on all the stories. (in the end he ends up comparing all the white dust *bunnies to determine which are suitable for rituals–mission failed :(…).

陛-highness-B has another relapse: he falls back into worship of a previous pagan goddess, the “highness” or “queen” of heaven. Now he’s performing some weird type of divination for her where you compare different clumps of dirt.

隣-neighboring-B has been doing well lately. He hasn’t had any relapses. In fact, he’s been doing charitable things like giving rice to the neighboring kids. However, to hide his identity from the kids’ parents (who know about his pagan past) he wears a cool pair of aviator glasses.

隔-isolate-(assuming you are using the “old camera” primitive) B has taken up a new hobby: photography. However, he has to isolate himself out in nature to make sure that he doesn’t get into bad types of photography (you know what I’m talking about) and go back to his pagan ways.

隠-conceal-B has had another relapse and is now in search of a vulture (or crow–those work just as well) to use in a pagan ritual. He has concealed his identity (disguised) himself as a scarecrow (broom with a heart). Or, he has a concealed weapon to kill the vulture.

堕-degenerate-So, B has again degenerated and began service to the “highness” or “queen of heaven” goddess {1310}. He has degenerated so badly that he has become possessed from his divination with the clumps of earth. Poor ol’ B…

陥-collapse-Wow, too easy. B’s life has collapsed since he has become bound up again in the traditions of the olden days.

Okay, so what’d you think?  I had a lot of fun writing them.  The only thing is, since there’s this common theme in all of them, and lots of them are really similar, I kind of forsee (no pun intended…) getting a lot of these kanji mixed up.  Anyways, thanks for reading.  I hope you enjoyed my silly stories.  I really do feel bad for that Mr. B fellow.  That guy needs some serious help…


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  1. 1

    alyks said,

    For me it’s a bee.

  2. 2

    2nihon said,

    I went with the idea of The Pinnacle being some mysterious and exclusive castle-like place. It’s wacky, but it works for me. Lots of weird things happen at that Pinnacle. I’d stay away if I were you. ^^

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