I’m not emo, I promise.  Perhaps you can forgive the melancholy nature of this post’s title.  I have been neglecting so many things now that second semester started.  The laundry.  This blog.  Friends.  Japanese.  And, most of all, Kanji 😦 😦 :(.

I am still only at 1575:




…And it’s not getting much better.  With my insane amount of homework and reading, I just don’t have enough time to even keep up with reviews, much less learn new kanji.  I mean, the reading is fun, I guess.  I’ve met a few nice chaps named Booker T., Beowulf, and Chaucer (his middle English double-entendres are quite hilarious…).  Unfortunately, I just attended the Beowulf’s funeral (again, 😦 😦 :(:( 😦 :().  Once I achieve the rank of Kanjibeast, I will don the name Kanjiwulf in honor of the late great warrior.

I’ve been using Anki for my classes though.  It seems like it’s going pretty well, although the overall success of the process remains to be seen.  I’m having a bit of trouble formatting questions from the information and deciding what I should and should not memorize.

So, right now, I’m shooting for finishing the beast by the end of February, but that’s being really, really generous.  I barely have time to do reviews every day, much less learn new kanji.  There have been quite a few days where I skipped reviews one day and opened up Anki the next day with 250+ reviews.  Snap.

Also, I’ve officially divorced the RTK forum.  LOL.  It was fun, and once in a while I’m bored I look at what’s being discussed, but I just can’t maintain the obsession any longer.  I figured that a recent ignorant post on my part that spawned another off-topic religious/political debate might be a good opportunity to leave, so I did.  Harsh things were said by both sides (including myself), and that was awkward.  Whatever, no hard feelings. 

I don’t know if any of you have seen Alyks’ amazing list of recommendations for movies, manga, and anime, but I have (see link on right).  And it’s AWESOME.  The only problem was that I couldn’t find a majority of the manga anywhere.  All I could find from retailers online were random Chinese versions (although, this difficulty that I  had is very likely the result of my own stupidity).

But then I found this. is the bomb.  Just like Grendel’s mom, it’s got it goin’ on…  They’ve got all kinds of raw manga that you can download or read online for free.  They have several of Alyks’ recommendations.

And tha’ll do ‘er, folks!  

PS. I don’t know if I already told you, but I got a new laptop!  Score.


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    I hear ya on the topic of neglect. Between being busy and being sick, I’ve not made a lot of REAL progress in over a week. Unfortunately, when forced to prioritize, advancing my Japanese gets a back seat. Keeping up on Anki ensures I don’t forget anything, though, so it could be worse! Added a lot of new material to my deck today, so hopefully I’ll begin making progress again. Best of luck to you also. Just a hop, skip and jump to go and you’ll be done with RTK.

    Also, how did I not know of MangaHelpers previously?! This is awesome! I do believe I have many, MANY issues of Jojo to read starting riiiight… now.

  2. 2

    igordesu said,

    Thanks man. Same to you. It’s all about harnessing those few moments of progress and gaining momentum. 😉 Best of Luck!

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