Videos, videos, who’s got the videos

I’ve wanted to do a video post for a long time.  I’d like to go on and on about why I’m doing this, but I can’t because it’s saturday night and I am severely procrastinating.  So here you go.

The first is an awesome song by Namie Amuro.  I’m pretty sure I have a huge 3rd grade crush on her.  Officially, I can’t officially recommend any of her other videos since sometimes she’s a bit….indecent?  Maybe that’s too strong of a word.  She’s still awesome.

I got the idea from Khatz to look up that one song from Mulan (“I’ll make a man out of you…”) in Japanese.  I watched the Cantonese one too (by Jackie Chan?!).  They’re good.  My favorite part is near the end.where he goes “むりだ。つよくなれぬーーー!”  (I’m sorry for the romaji…)

There are other cool disney songs in Japanese, too.  You should check ’em out.  BTW, I couldn’t find the opening sequence to Disney’s Robin Hood in Japanese.  Major brownie points to anyone who can find it.

And now for the best Japanese artist on the face of the planet.  YUI.  This song was already awesome, but this video made even awesomer (<—–I retain the copyrights to the word I just invented).  And yes.  I can wholeheartedly recommend any video by YUI.  She is awesomeness incarnate.  


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    jane said,

    Namie is the best. Can you believe Namie was so young when she was with SuperMonkeys?

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