“If you don’t know what to do, Update it.”

(…I said that in my singing voice, BTW…)

I can’t believe I’m not done yet!  I’m so impatient–I just want to start learning real Japanese already!

…just had to get that out of my system 🙂 Thoughts like that have been plaguing me 4EVER.  But, thanks to some cool kids over at Twitter, I’m feeling all better now.  I just pretty much stopped learning new Kanji for a while (a week/a bit more-ish) because I was frustrated and overworked with school.  I’ve started learning again now though since the folks over at Twitter had some AMAZING encouragement waiting for me.  So, enough of the sappy stuff.  The end is in sight.  I am approaching the next stage of Kanjibeast!  Soon, those puny little Kanjis will all bow before the mighty Kanjiwulf!

Anyways, I also think I forgot to mention something in my last post where I talked about the podcasts.  If you’re into this sort of thing, I found a few Christian podcasts on iTunes Japan.  My favorite one is one that has the words Bible in rainbow colors over a white backdrop for the picture.  I don’t really know the name.  I think it’s 礼拝の聖書メッセージ(説教)〜音声ポッドキャスト 毎週更新–if that helps.  I can’t really read it.  I can Heisig quite a bit of it, but that’s about it.  But it’s easy to find.  Just look for the bright colors.  Even if you’re not into the Bible or whatever, still listen to the opening part of the podcast.  It’s so cute!  They have this cute music and voice that comes on to introduce it.  Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

That brings up another thing.  For the past few weeks/month I kind of left the world of drama and (mostly) anime for news, news podcasts, and other podcasts (like the JUNK one).  I really can’t understand anything.  I can pick up a few words, word endings, and sounds, but it’s mostly strange to me.  I think I’ve hit a wall that I won’t be able to pass until I graduate Heisig and start sentences because I just don’t have enough vocabulary.  And the vocabulary that’s used in the news and random podcasts isn’t as reccurring (if that makes sense) as the vocabulary in anime.  

So, here I am, happily marching down the hallway, completely oblivious to everything around me (in many ways).  Suddenly, I decide that I’m tired of listening to podcasts so I put the music on random shuffle.  You know what comes on?  The ripped track of the second episode of Bleach the anime.

Holy.  Moley.  I could understand like 60%.  WTHeck?  I quickly put on RahXephon, another anime that I hadn’t listened to in a long time.  Same thing.  My understanding seems to have skyrocketed.  Or maybe I just notice my understanding more?  I think it may have to do with that whole idea of taking a break in another language that Khatz talked about.  For me, news podcasts were like another language.  When I returned, wow.  That was incredible.  

Granted, that still implies ignorance of the other 40%.  And believe me, when I say ignorance, I mean complete ignorance.  Cluelessness.  But it’s still a great feeling to finally see how much I understand.  

I think I’m forgetting something…oh yeah!  Kanji!




Fillin’ in nicely, ne?


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    stshores24 said,

    Haha, you’re noticing the same thing I am: even though I don’t understand everything, I can clearly. pick. out. what. they’re. saying. one. word. at. a. time. JUNK is still wayyyyyyyyyyyy too fast for me, but Monobright and my other music is not a blur now.

    And I understand the impatient thing. I have over 3,220 kanji in my deck and have reviewed probably 2,500 of them (maybe less, I’m scared to check!). It’s ten months later and I’m still not full-force into sentences as I’d hoped. I decided to hit the 3,000 mark because I’m convinced that 2,042 really isn’t enough (either that or I’m just obsessed with weird Chinese glyphs, LOL) and because Khatz started out with 3,000something (he used the Heisig method but with a 3,000+ kanji book focusing on Chinese). So if Khatz can do it…you know. LOL, I think we’re fanboys or something. 😀

  2. 2

    Mike said,

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