I’m a bad person.

You guys, I’m a terrible person.  What’s the point of me having a blog if I never write anything?  Yeah, this blog is starting to die, and I’m pretty sure my other blogs have already returned to dust in their graves.  Whatev.  Here’s my first of several updates.

First off, I found Densha Otoko–the entire series, including the specials and movie–brand new and unopened for 40 dollars on Ebay. 





That’s insane!!!!!  That show usually costs like 23 times that much brand new!!!  Dude.  It was the deal of the century, and I had to get it.  Like, I’m having doubts that it’s actually professionally pirated or something, but, if that’s the case, then it’s really SUPER PROFESSIONAL.  Like, you have no idea.  The discs and case look original.  And they come with JAPANESE SUBS.  



Greatest TV Show of ALL TIME.




Several times.  I’m so excited.  The only thing that might point to them being professionally pirated is the fact that they are also completely region-free.  Which isn’t a bad thing.  So whatever.  I’m happy.  

I feel kind of terrible though because I’ve already watched the series 1 and 1/2 times-ish since I got it, and I didn’t even tell you.

😦  Sorry.

As it turns out, the Densha Otoko movie SUCKS.  Yeah.  It sucks major BOOKS.  Like totally.  You have no idea.  I realize I had a bias from watching the drama going into it, but it just sucked so bad.  The girl is kind of pretty, but she’s old.  And the guy sucks compared to the Densha Otoko in the drama.  The whole thing just did NOT get me as emotional as the drama–I couldn’t feel it.  And they left out SOOOOO MUCH that was in the drama.  Like, I don’t think there was a single character in the Drama that I didn’t LOVE.  And like half the characters and subplots were cut out for the movie.  Yeah.  It sucked.  End of rant.

When I was in the living room the other night watching the series special, though, something interesting happened.  My mom got up from her nap and came and sat down while I was watching it.  She actually sat through the whole thing with me.  Since there were no english subs, I had to make feeble attempts at translating.  It was pathetic, but fun.  

Um, can you feel the randomness?  I’m watching Bleach as I’m writing this so that’s why I’m all over the place.  What’s next?…

Ah.  I also found out that I really like the director of the person who does Densha Otoko.  I’m kinda watching Nodame Cantabile on the side, which he also directed,  and it turns out that I like that drama for the same reasons that I like Densha Otoko.  Weird.  Maybe that’s why I like the Densha Otoko drama but not the movie.

Speaking of Nodame Cantabile, I just bought that entire series and Tiger and Dragon from the same place on Ebay.  They’re in the mail right now 🙂  I can’t wait to watch them.  I got Nodame Cantabile because, well, I like that show.  I got Tiger and Dragon because I’ve made feeble attempts at watching the first episode in the past but always failed.  When I found out that Itoh Misaki (of Densha Otoko fame :D)  is in that drama, I decided to go with Khatzumoto and everyone else’s gut instincts and buy it.  I hope it’s good.

That’s about it for now.  Stay tuned for the next episode of randomness.

BTW, here’s a picture of my library of authentic Japanese language materials so far (apart from some random manga laying somewhere else):


The current state of my library.

The current state of my library.


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