I’m learnin’ real Japanese BE-LARCH!!!!  Yee-ah.  I have exactly 250 sentences in Anki.  That’s like, what, 1/40th of the way to fluency/10,000?  I’m exciiiiiiittted.   It took me roughly 2 weeks-ish to get that far, so that means I should be finished in…80 weeks?  Whatever.  If I keep it up I should be “finished” by the end of next year.  My pace is about 20 new sentences per day for each weekday, and I take a break on the weekend.  So, I do about 100 sentences a week.  That’s not bad.  The math really doesn’t add up somewhere in there, huh?  My inability to adhere to a schedule and randomness is probably to blame for that.  I guess that’s why I’m an English major and not a math major 😀  But I think I’m gonna need a fair amount of luck there, too…

I’m going through Tae Kim’s grammar guide, and then I’m going through the Japanese in Mangaland books.  I don’t wanna stay on learner stuff for very long, but, since I already have them, I’m going to mine them anyways.  I promised myself that I was going to start reading right away, but that’s just gonna have to wait, now, in’nit!  I tried reading some manga, but that was really difficult (duh, I don’t do it that often, that’s why it’s difficult…).  Ironically, I found Death Note easier to understand than other random high school-drama-type manga.  Although, Khatzumoto’s Dick and Jane comics were Hilarious.  But, I still think I’m going to focus on finishing Tae Kim and Mangaland for now before I really jump into manga.  And as far as RTK3 is concerned, that ain’t happenin’ any times soon.  I’ve already learned quite a few RTK3 and BEYOND Kanji while doing sentences.  Weird, eh?…

Also, I’m planning on getting a new Nintendo DS and the DS dictionary for when I start reading and mining from authentic sources.  There’s also this really cool game on training you to write Kanji with good penmanship. Cuz mah Kanjis ahe UUUUUGLY.  Yeah.  I’m pretty excited.  

Umm, okay, I think that’s it.  Oh yeah, I forgot.  I just discovered this Cellist.  A friend introduced me to her music, and she’s CRAZY/AWESOME!  Just watch the videos.  You’ll thank me later 🙂 Kanon Wakeshima:

Though I must say, I don’t listen to as much music anymore.  I found that listening to any sort of normal dialogue is almost always better.  I usually listen to ripped sound from dramas or anime or whatever.  In fact, I als0 found that when reviewing Kanji (ugh) and sentences it’s better to have the video of whatever you’re playing in a window in the upper right hand corner of the screen while working.  It’s nice because it distracts me once in a while and actually makes me feel like I’m listening to it, unlike when I have itunes on in the background for hours but don’t feel like I’ve listened to anything.


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  1. 1

    Alex Elkholy said,

    You should watch のだめ if you haven’t already, you’d really dig it.

  2. 2

    igordesu said,

    haha, yes. I actually own のだめ・カンタービル :) It’s a good series.

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